Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pasta Spirals with Creamy Tofu Sauce.

I'm still on a mission to eat less meat. I'm also wanting to ensure the children have an adequate intake of iron and calcium. So the perfect food seemed to be Tofu! And my evil plan was to turn it into something the kids would eat. We've had it in the past in dishes such as stir-fries, but they always seem to spot it and leave it aside. I don't even think it's because they don't like the taste. I just think it looked weird.

So tonight I tried a different (and successful) tactic.

Pasta Spirals with Creamy Tofu Sauce.
375 gram block or organic tofu
1 cup soy milk
2 garlic cloves, crushed
12 button mushrooms, sliced
12 baby spinach leaves
Oregano and basil

Pop Tofu into a blender with the milk. Blitz until creamy. In a small amount of oil, gently fry the mushrooms, garlic and spinach. When soft, pour the tofu mix in and stir through. Add as much or as little oregano and basil as you like. Serve over cooked pasta spirals.

I have to point out something too. For some reason, the tofu mixture takes a while to heat up. So do check it's really nice and warm before serving. It doesn't seem to retain the heat very well and cools quickly. I CAN say, however, that it makes a great nutritious baby food. Edan was very impressed!


Donna said...

Oh bugger the tofu. I'm just here to look at the cute baby!

Paragon~Of~Virtue said...

LOL. I know, I know. Everyone's eeewww at the tofu.

Vittoria said...

Oh! He's so cute! Do they have silken tofu in the stores near you? It's already super soft and creamy. And it's great heated up with a little honey for a snack or dessert.


Paragon~Of~Virtue said...

They do Vittoria :)
I just bought that one because it was locally made and organic and the ultimate hippy food! LOL.

Next time I will buy silken for the smoothness.

starofamp said...

I am with Donna, I am way more interested in the gorgeous baby E!! I think D would die if I made the tofu. Mind you...what he doesn't know..LOL!