Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fools rush in...

...where angels fear to tread.
And leave their big stompy footprints all over the environment for following generations.

So I'm going to start listing the little things I do to try and reduce my family's impact on the environment to show people how simple it is.

  1. Buy energy saving light bulbs. They're a little more expensive but they last ages and your power bills will be smaller.
  2. Replace something disposable with something reusable. Use handkerchiefs, cloth nappies, cloth pads or Diva cups.
  3. Try and buy recycled. I have no idea why people insist on having luxury toilet paper. You are wiping POO on it! If you're that sensitive see #2 (point two, not secret code for poo) and make some reusable botty wipes.
  4. Walk instead of driving. It's refreshing to go for a walk. Stop being in such a rush and go meandering with your kids.
  5. Nothing on TV - turn it off! Read a book, bake a cake or paint your toenails.
  6. Try not to leave appliances on "stand by". Switch them off at the wall and save yourself money.
  7. Never run a washing machine or dishwasher until it's full. Or better still - wash dishes by hand once a day and buy a front loader washing machine with a good water rating.
  8. Use an environmentally friendly laundry powder, and then use a grey-water hose to run the water onto your garden bed or lawn.
  9. Invest in some super glue, a sewing kit, elastic bands and string. And next time something breaks, try fixing it before binning it.
  10. Try and choose items from the supermarket with reduced packaging. I know the rice cakes we buy are only inside one packet whereas others have a packet inside the packet which is just wasteful in my opinion.

Some links with info about the suggestions I have made:
Cloth Pad Shop.
Information about cloth (reusable) menstrual pads and shops to buy them from.
One Less Disposable.
A blog about how using just one cloth nappy a day can help.
Planet Ark.
Environmental news and information.

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