Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring Fever!

I have been madly spring-cleaning. Yes! Even with sick children!

I can see I am going to have a mountain of stuff to get rid of. But it feels so good being organised again!
Next I'll do something really weird like...recipe plan. LOL!

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ms Skipper at Domestic Guru.
Being the type of person who has been distressed about an untidy house, her site has helped me break it all down into "bite-sized chunks" which makes housework so much less daunting.

So I'll recommence blogging ASAP with a tidy house!


Skipper said...

... you are more than welcome sweet cheeks!

Donna said...

She's a freak that Skipper chick! A clean and tidy house inducing freak!

Something in the air I think! Hehe

Paragon~Of~Virtue said...

You don't think it could be....Spring?